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Disinfecting Services

Effective Preventative Disinfectant Treatment for Your Home or Business.

In this pandemic, germ-free environments are key to protecting your home, employees and your customers.

That’s why we are making our exclusive disinfectant service — Rye’s Disinfect — available to all our current clientele and family.

Our personalized disinfect program isn’t new.

We’ve been using it for years to disinfect facilities after major pest clean-outs. But to combat this new threat, we are making this service available to all our valued clients as a standalone service.

Rye’s Disinfect is fast and effective, and will kill viruses and bacteria on hard or compacted surfaces.

Our disinfectants are approved by the CDC and are on NY State’s Department of Environmental Conservations list of approved products.

Rye’s Disinfect Protects Your Home, Business and Your Customers!

Our trained disinfecting specialists apply a misting agent which is designed to reach all areas of your workplace.

We use an industrial mister to quickly and effectively disinfect a large area in a short period of time, including dense areas where people congregate.

They kill viruses and bacteria on hard or compacted surfaces.

We now offer disinfection misting on weekly, bi-monthly, monthly and quarterly schedules, to give peace of mind to you, your employees and your customers.

If you would like more information or to schedule your cleaning, please contact email us or give us a call.